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Passion, Precision, and Design

TURN was created in 2011 to fill the needs of elite male gymnasts, so often overlooked for the glitter and sparkles of women’s gymnastics. Founded by former collegiate (California), international (Great Britain), and professional (FC Bayern München) gymnast David Eaton, TURN was born from an idea to give male gymnasts product that defines the sport of Men’s Artistic Gymnastics. With over 19 years of first hand market research, TURN has created a line of product that performs better, feels better, and looks better.

The mission statement is clear: Bring passion to all we do. Be precise to ensure products and service cannot be beaten. Be on a relentless pursuit to design the best product, always.

Our Name:

  1. Gymnastics is full of turns; forwards, backwards, sideways, twists, tucked, picked, straight, and everything in between. It is the essence of our sport and what brings gymnasts so much enjoyment. TURN’s are on every apparatus, in every routine.
  2. TURN is also the stem of the word for gymnastics in German, for example TURNen (gymnastics), TURNhalle (gymnasium), and TURNverein (gym club). We have Germans to thank for establishing in the 1800’s many of the events we still see today. German immigrants in fact helped spread the sport throughout the United States with their Turnvereins (Swiss Turners in Wisconsin of Paul and Morgan Hamm fame being one such club still in operation). 

Our Logo:

The TURN circle logo is based on the internationally recognized judges symbol for a front somersault, one of the first somersaults a gymnast will learn. You will often find the logo colored silver representing the metal bar that distinguishes men’s gymnastics from women’s.

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